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Peter Thoeny

Quality HDR Photography

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Peter Thoeny specializes in quality HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. He strives to create HDR images that tell a story, evoke emotions, have an artistic touch, and look natural - in other words, "HDR photos that don't suck". He likes to experiment and push the boundaries.

Many more HDR photos are listed at Peter's Flickr stream - contact Peter if you like to get a print of an image not listed here.

Peter's gear: Sony A7 II and a Sony A6000 mirror-less camera with a variety of prime lenses.

Peter Thoeny loves to travel and is fascinated with photography since high school in Switzerland. He learned to compose images when he did charcoal drawings and paintings while visiting Italy and other places in Europe. Peter now lives in the Silicon Valley for 18 years, and is an instructor at the Digital Photo Academy teaching photography in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Sometimes the unexpected hits you by Peter Thoeny


Here comes the sun by Peter Thoeny


Black magic waterfall by Peter Thoeny


The bright side of the Earth by Peter Thoeny


Mountain snake by Peter Thoeny


Bronze and gold by Peter Thoeny


Good morning San Francisco by Peter Thoeny


Stop. Look. Enjoy. by Peter Thoeny


I'm walking in the wind looking at the sky by Peter Thoeny


Back to the future by Peter Thoeny


Calm before the storm by Peter Thoeny


Black orient by Peter Thoeny


Enchanted cathedral by Peter Thoeny


Spewing minerals at Fly Geyser by Peter Thoeny


Off she goes on a long voyage by Peter Thoeny


Wish you were here by Peter Thoeny


Riding the Flume Trail by Peter Thoeny


A burning sensation is near by Peter Thoeny


Stanford is beautiful by Peter Thoeny


The silken fog x 3 by Peter Thoeny


Meet at the top of the world by Peter Thoeny